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Guitarra y Flamenco

An authentic experience

Guitar and Flamenco is a unique tribute to the guitar and Spanish dancing, it’s an intimate show designed to involve the audience through the warmth and unique rhythm of the flamenco guitar and the power and sensuality of Spanish dance.

Enjoy a compilation of the most famous works of renowned Spanish artists and take a journey with award-winning Flamenco artists and Barcelona’s greatest guitarists.





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  • A selection of songs from the most renowned Spanish artists.


Flamenco Dancer: Lorena Oliva
Flamenco Dancer: Maria José González
Flamenco Dancer: Miranda Alonso
Percussion: Jacobo Sanchez
Flamenco Guitar: Juan Carlos Gómez
Flamenco Guitar: Luismi Gómez
Flamenco Singer: Thais Hernandez
Sound Director: Aldo Toesca
Photos: O.Vidal
Artistic Director: Vanesa Gálvez “La Lirio”
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